Coffee Tables

We all have coffee tables in varying designs but does anyone know why they are called coffee tables?? I, for one, have never used mine to hold coffee – mine are always covered with books, dishes, candles – almost anything but coffee!!

There doesn’t seem to be much info on the origins of this common piece of furniture but I did find this interesting explanation – A coffee table is rumored to be invented by J. Stuart Foote of the Imperial Furniture Company in 1920.  Foote said he was helping his wife prepare for a party and lowered the legs on a regular table and created the first coffee table.

This makes sense to me as most pieces of furniture were created for practical purposes – it’s only now that they are used for decoration! Regardless of how they came into being they are definitely here to stay!

The design of a coffee table is ever changing – these are a few of my favorite designs – they range from practical to just simply pretty!! Check back next week to see how we love to style our coffee tables!

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