Away We Go!

Ready for a break? Summer arrives, and it is time to leave the daily obligations – whether it be work, kids, or chores – and take off! Everyone needs a break from the usual grind to experience new surroundings, new food, and new cultures to keep the creative juices flowing. But let’s not take a break from looking good! Those Insta posts have to look fab! Looking good is a must. So let’s take a peek at some essentials which can make your vacation stylish, comfortable, and easy.


Starting from the bottom up – shoes! Traveling means moving, which means walking. We need style for our tootsies that take us on a jaunt on that gorgeous beach or interesting museum.  Havianas, Clarks, Birkenstocks, and espadrilles will certainly do the trick – from walking the shore or pounding the pavement. Rubber flip flops are so easy to toss in a beach bag and can add a great pop of color. Wedges can be casual for day, yet can move right into the night. And Birkenstocks – need we say more?

Hats are a must. A sunhat, a wide brimmed straw hat, or a baseball cap can look so chic perusing cobblestone streets or soaking up the sun, while offering sun protection, and keeping us cool. Choose a straw hat or white hat that doesn’t absorb too much heat from the sun.


Dresses can be perfect choice for a vacation outfit. A bright sundress is so light and breezy, yet makes anyone look put together in a snap! Anthropologie and Michael Kors have terrific dresses that capture the carefree feeling of summer with cotton, poplin and embroidery.  There are no worries about coordinating pieces together. How great is that!


With all of the above suggested wear, we need to organize it all. Get to your destination,  do a quick change and let the fun begin! Bags and travel gear can make traveling simple. Target has some fantastic straw bags. We also love the Ibiza bag with colorful tassels on the side. Designers love tassels! Lo & Sons travel gear is perfect to stay organized – from backpacks to totes and weekenders. Packing cubes are our favorite – section off shirts, socks, pj’s, you name it – they come in fun colors, are space saving, and keep us organized – which we love!



These pieces are just a few suggestions to get your trip off to a great start. We are ready to go! Are you?


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