Moving: Organization Tips

This week has been all about getting organized. This week’s post is all about getting organized to move. You don’t need me to tell you what a big task it is to move. I moved three times in one year during my divorce! In that time, I picked up some great tips from my local mover and developed some tricks of my own. I hope they make your move easier…


Here is a color key from a big move I just helped a client with. The moving company taught me this trick. You’d obviously make it work for your own move. But color dots are a great way to easily identify what goes where. Movers work quickly and respond better to these dots than writing on boxes.


moving - signs

Everyone who knows me knows I label everything. I am notorious for labeling water bottles at kids’ parties. Insane? Absolutely! But think of all the confusion it clears up! Genius, no?!

I like to label rooms. What seems obvious to you may not be to your movers. I mark them at the old house and new house (hang them with blue painters’ tape so you don’t damage the walls). And I have signs to denote where big pieces of furniture go since you can’t be in more than one place at a time. Just makes the job go faster.


moving - boxes checklist

Before each box gets taped shut, number them with a medium tip Sharpie and make a high level list of roughly what’s in each box. If you can’t get everything unpacked right away, it will cut down on digging endlessly to search for that missing butter knife.


samsonite drop bottom wheeled duffel 35-32-30-28-26-22

Before packing for the move, pack suitcases like you’re traveling for a week. Living out of a suitcase with everything you need is much easier than digging through boxes. If you have four-legged friends in the house, don’t forget to pack for them too!


moving - cleaning supplies

Before moving into the new place, drop off toilet paper, paper towel, hand soap and a small trash can in each bathroom. Have a full size trash can and bags in the kitchen along with dish soap and a sponge. These essentials will make your transition much easier.


moving - bottled wtaerKeep a case in the frig at the old house and put a case in the frig at the new house. Staying hydrated will help you keep your energy during this chaotic time. It’s also a really nice way to show your movers that you appreciate them!


If you own your new place, my fave thing to do is install Emtek deadbolt keypads at the front door and garage passage door. These negate the need for hiding keys outside or handing out keys since all you need to enter is a 4-digit code! If you’re renting, consider hanging a key safe at a side door where a key is much safer than hiding it under a potted plant!


moving - garage

If you have a garage with a little room to spare on the sides or in the back, invest in heavy duty shelving. Whether for storing luggage or holiday decorations, these units are the best!

Good luck!

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