Dunn Edwards Paints

I attended a presentation by Dunn Edwards hosted by my local to-the-trade design center. Did you know Dunn Edwards recently launched 300 new colors?? The line is called Then, Now & Forever. They wanted to fill in the blanks by adding a broader range of neutrals, blues, whites and reds.


Did you know their Historic Palette is accurate? Dunn Edwards’ chief colorist actually referenced historic sites to identify colors that are true to a style or period in design – whether it’s the wallpaper at a California Mission or an original color sheet from the early 1900s.


One of my favorite things about the Dunn Edwards palette has to be the division of Cool & Warm Neutrals. Some clients might not know exactly the color they want but being able to compare the difference between a warm and cool palette is a great place to start.


It can be difficult to explain to a client why one can of paint costs more than another which is why it was great to see samples showing the difference between Dunn Edwards and other major brands’ coverage and color saturation.


See how sheer one coat of a leading hardware store brand is compared to Dunn Edwards?



See how one coat of a leading paint store blue compares to the color saturation of one coat of the same color Dunn Edwards:

DE fading

Did you know Dunn Edwards offers free 8×11 drawdowns to designers? The cool thing about drawdowns is they sample the color you want in the finish and formula you are specifying for the project. Btw, Dunn Edwards will give you the leftover paint from the drawdown for free!


If a clients is concerned about chemicals, Dunn Edwards is one of few companies that can boast ZERO VOC. Other products may say No VOC but still have VOC in their colorants. Their products are also EG-Free (no ethylene glycol- which is a toxic chemical found in products like rat poison.


As with other manufacturers, Dunn Edwards offers 8oz. color samples in their velvet finish. For free. Any Dunn Edward store will fill same day samples if ordered before 3pm.


Do you know what the jump is between most colors on a Dunn Edwards fan deck? Answer: 33%

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